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TPC's Ruling Editors assist the church staff in managing the daily and long range planning needs for the church.  Each year church members are nominated to serve for three-year terms on the Board of Session.  Members meet monthly to discuss the needs of the church as well as lead the committees of the church.

Session Highlights from Stated Meeting on April 26, 2017
• Reverend Carter led the Session with a worship meeting. The Session continues to spend time on visioning for TPC, reflecting on the questions: Who have we been? Who are we now? and Who are we called to be. Over the next few months the Session will be developing a plan for helping the congregation answer the questions.
• The Session approved a motion for the Clerk to work with Administrative staff and a member of the deacons to review the membership rolls and make recommendations for communication with inactive members.
• Elder Susan Hossfeld provided a presentation to Session from the Memorial Commission. The Session thanked Susan for her 20 years of coordination of this ministry. The Session approved a motion that the Memorial Commission will consult with the Property Committee prior to any projects and or purchases that will impact the property of the church.
• The Session approved a motion for a non-member to be an advisor for the High School Mission Trip in July. Past Elder Bill Garrett will accompany our group.
• The Session approved a motion for a Youth Advisory Committee to be formed to support Youth Christian Education and Youth Group activities. The committee will be made up of Advisors and parents.
• The Session approved a motion from the Worship, Music and Arts Committee to move from two Sunday morning services to one serving during July, August and the first week in September from two services to one service. The summer worship service time will be at 9:30am.
• The Session approved a motion to from Personnel to change the title of the vacant Christian Education position to Director of Children and Family Ministries.


Class of 2018 Class of 2019 Class of 2020
Lyn Brooks Lenore Chapman Ann Lehwald
Mitch Herbert Andy Evans Kevin McKenna
Kim Whittle Amy Hemingway Alison Peer
      Moderator: Rev. Rob Carter 
     Clerk of Session: Phyllis Gray 

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