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Faith isn’t one among the many things of life;

it is the one thing by which we understand all of life.


How do we grow in faith?  How do we grow closer to God? 

Is worship enough?  Do we have to read Scripture?  What if we aren’t comfortable with the Bible?  Or prayer for that matter?

What if we struggle with doubts?  What if we have more questions than actual beliefs? 

What if we’re not even sure where to begin?  Or if we want to begin?


 OR, what if we have a relationship with God, but yearn to dig deeper, and long for opportunities to go deep with others? 

What if we know the love of God deep down to our toes, but aren’t comfortable sharing or talking about this love out loud? 


The Church should be the place for all these questions and concerns, hopes and struggles, just as the Church should be the place for every last soul who has ever experienced them.

At TPC, we are developing a brand-new spiritual formation program for adults that’s designed to offer everyone—regardless of where you are on your own spiritual journey—a chance to begin exploring your faith more intentionally. 

To be clear, the deep hope is that you will take one or some of these opportunities to step out onto the growing edge of your faith—wherever it may be—and explore your relationship with God in an accessible, judgment-free, communal environment. 

This fall-winter, TPC is offering a range of explorations and formation opportunities on Sunday mornings (mostly at 9:00 a.m. in the Library), and a new Small Group Ministry that will offer different groups at different times and places for all types of purposes.  Please explore our Sunday morning opportunities here, our Small Group ministries here, and additional offerings here.

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