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What is Small Group Ministry?

In short, it’s all about growing closer to others, and growing closer to God.  More specifically, Small Groups are safe places to explore an interest, engage a passion, serve a mission, or simply celebrate life with others. As such, Small Group Ministry isn’t about being an expert in anything, but simply desiring to do something with others who share a common interest.  

Small Groups are (obviously) small in size, in order to promote connections. Their size is generally limited to no more than 12 members.

Small Groups are also temporary in nature, meaning you can sign up for a group without committing years of your life away.  You can also be sure that, if you’re signing up for a Small Group for the  first time, so, too, will others in your group!  

Finally, all Small Groups begin and end in prayer—whether meeting in the church or a local ballpark.

Anyone can join any small group—all you need to do is sign up.  It’s simple!  It’s fun!  And it’s incredibly meaningful!  


The Types of Small Groups

Fellowship Groups focus on sharing an activity of common interest or enthusiasm with others who share that interest or enthusiasm.  These groups are wonderful ways for both new and long-term members alike to get to know one another, and more about themselves.  

Examples:  wine tasting, knitting, basketball, hiking, fishing, cooking, bowling

In Study Groups, participants explore (or study) a topic of interest (e.g. Scripture, books, beliefs, topical studies), and how their faith shapes the way they see the world.

Examples:  prayer groups, Bible studies, book discussions, topical studies, spiritual disciplines

Mission Groups involve participants in activities with a specific purpose of ministry.  These groups also help provide partnerships to fulfill mutual callings with similarly gifted and motivated people. 

Examples: mission trips, prison ministry, visitation care, social advocacy, environmental stewardship


Form A NEW Small Group

Have an interest you’d like to explore with others?

A topic you’d like to study?

A project you’d like to initiate or participate in?

Consider starting a Small Group, by talking with Pastors Rob or Joel.

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