Mission & Values

Towson Presbyterian Church strives to grow disciples of Jesus Christ.  But we share up front we don’t have this down pat.  So we strive to do away with facades and pretenses in order to get our hands dirty practicing this thing called “faith.”

As we do, we find ourselves growing closer to God and closer to others.  This growth is  a natural part of living in relationship with God, but it's also an inherent part of our church.  We don’t like sitting on our hands. There’s always more we can be doing to know God and live love better.  This is seen in what we value:

God loves all. Period. At TPC, everyone is valued. Think we don’t mean you? Think again!

Within our community of faith you’ll find those who "seem" to have their acts together and those who don’t. Those who’ve had faith their whole lives and those who’re just beginning to uncover the love of Jesus. Those who’ve always been “in” and those who’ve constantly been pushed away.

Young, old, gay, straight, black, white, rich, poor, sinners, saints... all are invited!  We simply don’t believe in dividing walls because God. Loves. All. (including you)!

TPC is also a proud member of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians, striving for a fully inclusive congregation.