What We Believe

Towson Presbyterian Church is part of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  In many ways, our tradition is like a big umbrella offering all kinds of room for all sorts of perspectives.  So not everybody agrees on everything. And that’s just fine—we value diversity! But here’s a quick glance at what our tradition believes:

Is it mysterious?  Yes! Confusing? Absolutely!  One of the most confounding beliefs throughout Christianity is the belief in a Triune God—a God who’s three-in-one.  The three persons of the one, singular God are:

  • Creator (God the Father) – God the Creator not only created the world, but rules over it with truth and grace.
  • Redeemer (God the Son) – Jesus Christ, God incarnate (or God in the flesh) who was fully human and fully divine.  Christ came to reveal the fullness of God’s love for creation, and to show humanity how to live in and out of this love.
  • Sustainer (God the Spirit) – The Holy Spirit is God’s presence alive and at work in the world and within us, empowering us to use the blessings of God to be a blessing for God.