Three people in masks loading boxes off of a truck during a volunteer effort.

Alternative Gift Market - Virtual 2021

We are excited for our Alternative Gift Market to return this year!! Join us on December 5th from 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. to choose a gift. You may also participate virtually by buying a gift directly from an organization online.

Thank you, TPC, for your huge heart and your love for the world!

Assistance Center of Towson Churches

For 35 years ACTC has been feeding our neighbors, preventing evictions and utilities cut-offs and providing Thanksgiving meals, among many other services.  They provide services to folks without geographic restriction.

With the rise in COVID-related unemployment, ACTC expanded its services by:


  1. Hosting clients "at the front door," rather than indoors, as in the past
  2. Accommodating a 220% increase in food distribution, a 500% increase in visit frequency and a 67% increase in new clients;
  3. Borrowing space from local churches to move food operations off-site to allow for social distancing of volunteers;
  4. Replacing church food drives with neighborhood collections and individual donations; and
  5. Increasing volunteer base from 60 to 100, with individuals engaging weekly to receive, sort, store and pack food donations, donate fresh fruit, water, and sandwiches for the homeless, rescue food from local stores that are past the sell-by date, but still edible.


ACTC currently gives out 180 sets of pre-packed non-perishable grocery bags to families each week, supplemented with additional bags of fresh food, including bread/bakery items, dairy/eggs, frozen meats, vegetables and fruits.

ACTC gave out 6.6 tons of food each week in September.  ACTC also give out toiletry sets, paper goods and baby items and 30-35 lunches daily to homeless individuals and families. ACTC has provided over 10,000 persons groceries and over 7,000 homeless lunches thus far this year.

ACTC has created an online, contactless process to renew financial assistance for utilities cut-off and eviction prevention.   Up to 40% of tenants in Maryland are delinquent in their rent, according to the Maryland Multi-Housing Association.  ACTC can use support for this as 2020 ends and especially into 2021, as ACTC anticipates a 10-fold increase in funding needed to help address this massive humanitarian crisis.

Click "donate" below make an online donation or mail a check to:  116 W. Pennsylvania Ave, Towson, MD  21204.

Student Support Network

Started in 2015 at Loch Raven High School, the newly named Student Support Network now serves 11 elementary through high schools in our county!  EVERY Friday volunteers place bags of fresh and non-perishable food, diapers, essential items and period products into the cars of needy families.

In 2019 this organization’s donations were $216,985.  Since March 2020, $1.8 million of food and essential products have been given out!  The needs are great and SSN has stepped up to help fill them.

Click "donate" below to make an online donation or mail a check to: 1740 E. Joppa Rd., Baltimore, MD 21234.

Mt. Calvary AME Wednesday Dinner Meals

TPC has joined hands with Mt. Calvary AME Church in East Towson to cook, assemble and deliver dinner meals to our neighbors in need.  We join them one Wednesday each month.  They provide for the other Wednesdays and have been doing so for years!

Click "donate" below and choose “Harvest Meals” to make an online donation or mail a check to: 300 Eudowood Lane, Towson, MD 21286.

Peacemaking Action Team

Equal Exchange (Fair Trade Coffee)

The three founders of Equal Exchange came together with a shared vision in mind: fairness to farmers, and a closer connection between farmers and consumers. There is so much care and expertise from farmers that go into products, and in most supply chains, this is often overlooked. Equal Exchange's fair trade products are taking a stance and creating a difference for farmers, economy, and the planet.

Click “Donate” to purchase their fair trade coffee, tea and hot cocoa.

Honduras: Casita Copan

TPC has been sending missionaries to serve in Honduras for over 30 years; the last 15 years in Copan Ruinas. Last year COVID-19 prevented us from going, but we are looking forward to our Spring 2022 trip!

Casita Copan is a School/Foster Home/orphanage started and run by a native of Pittsburgh, PA., Emily, and we have worked there for the last 6 years. For more information check out their fantastic website or listen to the recent interview with Emily on TPC's instagram or trip participant, Daniel Krugman on TPC's Facebook page. 

Please be as generous as you can with these children of God.  We are grateful to be able to visit them again this Spring.

Click "donate" below to make an online donation.

Honduras: 2022 Mission Trip

For the last 30+ years TPC has traveled in the spring to Honduras for an inter-generational mission trip. Our service has centered around working with villagers building homes, eco-stoves, and sanitation systems, plus child development and Christian education. We also offer a dental clinic and a medical clinic to provide checkups for adults and children.

To support the 2022 Honduras Mission Trip, click here to make an online payment. Under “Select a Fund,” click “AGM,” and under “Optional Memo” type in “Honduras.”

Medical Benevolence Foundation

Luke 9:2 instructs and inspires the work of MBF: “to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal”.   MBF’s approach to mission is a science-minded. MBF supports 6 Nursing Schools in various ways in sub-Saharan Africa.

There are 3 in Malawi, 2 in Kenya and one in DR Congo.

The average annual income here is $730.  There are less than 20 nurses/10,000 people in these countries.  Tuition for the nursing schools is around $3,000 per year.

In Haiti, There is one public nursing school FSIL that MBF supports with the Episcopal University of Haiti.  Here the average income is up to $600 annually and tuition is $3500 per year.

Scholarships are the way to rid these countries of preventable diseases and bring their healthcare into the 21st century!

Click here to learn more about MBF and click "donate" below to make an online donation.

Black Lives Matter Interfaith Coalition

The Black Lives Matter Interfaith Coalition (BLMIC) exists to mobilize organizations committed to working towards an anti-racist society and to promote equal justice for all. BLMIC is currently focusing on collecting necessities for infants and babies (wipes, diapers, creams).

To support the BLMIC, click here to make an online payment. Under “Select a Fund,” click “AGM,” and under “Optional Memo” type in “BLMIC.”

Presbyterian Mission

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services

For 80 years, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) has offered welcome and hope to more than half a million refugees. Since 1939, LIRS has transformed lives to welcome the most vulnerable to the United States — from sea to shining sea. Together they have supported, equipped and empowered these new Americans, while advocating for policy that protects all of God’s children.

In response to the devastating humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, LIRS is providing Afghan refugees housing, medical care, clothing, essential needs, as well as long-term support.

Click here to learn more about LIRS and click “Donate” to make an online donation.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA)

With their motto “Out of Chaos, Hope”, PDA persists in efforts around the globe.

For US efforts you can designate your donation to DR000015.

For International efforts direct your donation to DR999999.

Thank you for your generosity!

Click "donate" below to make an online donation.

Presbyterian Gifts

It is our gratitude for God’s grace that moves us to join in God’s mission in the world.  By joining our gifts together, no matter how large or small, we expand our witness to God’s gracious and abundant work in the world.

We can help others by providing:

A family of chickens ($25), or a fishing net ($15), or  farming tools ($10), or a sewing machine ($50), or any of the other options in the 2020 Giving Catalog!

New this year, you can join the Coop Club!

Click "donate" below to make an online donation.

Environmental Action Team

Intergenerational Garden

TPC proudly grows an Intergenerational Garden (IGG) on the church’s yard across the side street from our building.  There, both children and adults come together in the garden, not only learning how to garden, but also about the interdependence of our ecosystem, the importance of sustainable practices in agriculture, and the benefits of eating healthy foods grown locally.

All the food grown and harvested in the garden is donated to the hungry via local food pantries.

To see the latest happenings in the garden, visit the IGG blog. To support the IGG, click here to make an online payment. Under “Select a Fund,” click “AGM,” and under “Optional Memo” type in “IGG.”

BeeTree Preserve

BeeTree Preserve is 263 beautiful acres of forests, fields, streams and wetlands located 25 miles north of Towson in Parkland, MD.  Named for BeeTree Run, a trout stream that meanders through the property, BeeTree Preserve's natural beauty and resources have welcomed visitors and inhabitants—both animal and human—for hundreds of years.

To support BeeTree Preserve, click here to make an online payment. Under “Select a Fund,” click “AGM,” and under “Optional Memo” type in “BeeTree.”