Hank and Mary Louise Snyder Bequest

TPC Receives
$374k bequest from
Hank and Mary Louise Snyder

Today we share wonderful news! TPC is blessed to receive a bequest from the Hank and Mary Louise Snyder Trust. Hank Snyder, a lon

g-time active member here at TPC and a huge supporter of TPC’s international mission programs, established the Trust upon his death in 2015. With the passing last year of Hank’s wife and our dear friend Mary Louise, the Trust has been dissolved.


Half of this bequest is designated for international mission.

In 1998, the TPC Snyder International Mission Fund was established to support God’s work through TPC’s international mission efforts. Hank and his first wife, Joyce, generously seeded that Fund with an initial endowment of $100,000.  Over the years, TPC has supported mission sites in Ghana, Guatemala, and the Bahamas. For the past two decades, money from this Fund has been employed in Honduras where we serve providing both health and dental care, building eco-stoves, developing community services, and caring for the orphans and children housed at Casita Copan. What a difference TPC has made in so many lives across the globe.

This last bequest joins previous additional gifts and returns on investments to bring the Snyder International Mission Fund balance to nearly $570,000. The legacy of the Snyders’ generosity is assured to continue for generations. Plans are already underway to underwrite another TPC Honduras Mission trip in March. This additional bequest encourages God’s hopes and dreams for more mission work to flourish and we couldn’t be more excited about it!


The other half of this bequest has been directed to support the general missions and ministries of TPC. In 2020, the Ellenberger Mission Fund was spent down to nearly zero as a part of the over $100,000 TPC released to support COVID relief efforts. Thanks to this bequest, the Ellenberger Mission Fund will be restored and TPC continues to serve the needs of our local community.  In addition, part of this bequest is earmarked to support future property projects to ensure that 400 W. Chesapeake continues to best serve God at work.


Hank Snyder lived a life blessing others. He was a mentor to many during his career at Western Electric Company, especially focused on raising minorities to supervisory positions. He served on many committees, capital campaign task forces, and the Board of Trustees of TPC. He enjoyed sitting in the balcony during worship services and was great socializer during coffee hour.


We are very grateful to have been blessed with knowing and witnessing the workings of the Holy Spirit through the Snyders. In recognition of and acknowledgment of the Snyders’ generous support, please join TPC in thanking God with a special Prayer of Thanksgiving during the 10:00 a.m. worship service on November 14th. Throughout the week we will be featuring Hank and Mary Louise on our social media platforms and also our service in Honduras.


If you would like to learn more about naming TPC as a beneficiary in your Will or about joining the exciting work of the Snyder International Mission Fund, please contact the church office at churchoffice@towsonpres.org.