Sewer Line Replaced

Over 85 feet of an old, damaged sewer line running from the Thompson Hall side of the building has been successfully replaced (with two new cleanouts added).  Thank you, Property Committee.

Stained Glass Window Repairs

As the beauty of stained glass requires maintenance from time to time, several of TPC’s stained glass windows are being removed for repaired.  They will be reinstalled as soon as possible.  Thank you, Memorial and Property Committees.

TPC Welcomes New Members

TPC was blessed to welcome 23 New Members into our community of faith last month.   To learn a bit more about these precious folks

Playlist: Naked Spirituality – A Life with God in 12 Simple Words

Throughout 2019 our Playlists will explore a word from Brian McLaren’s book “Naked Spirituality.” For a deeper dive into Brian’s book, you can purchase it at Amazon and wherever books are sold. Brian begins by explaining that he chose the word “here” to avoid having to name or address God too soon. He says, “When we…

Visioning Report

Ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda. It means, the church reformed and always to be reforming. As our Reformed tradition holds dear, we believe we are called to be growing ever closer to God, and to who God is calling us to become.

2019 Per Capita is $35.73

Per Capita” – An Explanation Over the years, as I received my TPC giving envelopes, I would find one envelope in a color different from the others. Marked on the envelope was the term Per Capita. The term comes from the Latin and means by heads. The modern definition of the term is: “for each…