UPDATE: TPC Battery Recycling Program


We appreciate everyone’s participating in the battery recycling program.  The bins have been overflowing.  However, it turns out that the Baltimore County recycling facilities only accept “Dry Cell/Rechargeable” batteries and wet cell batteries (like car batteries).  Your typical single use AAA, AA, C, D and 9 volt batteries are not recyclable.  According to Baltimore County those are basically just iron and zinc, and there’s no market for them.  These may be disposed of in your regular household trash (which goes into the landfill).

So, if you use a lot of batteries consider buying a charger and rechargeable batteries.  It’ll likely save you money in the long run, and reduces the number of batteries you use and dispose of (landfill!), as they can be recharged and reused many times.  When they do eventually wear out, then you can put them in the “rechargeable battery recycling” bins at TPC.