March – Family Faith@Home Activity: Kindness

March Faith@Home Focus:


All families want their children to be kind to one another, but how often do we treat it as a skill to be learned, alongside any other sport or extracurricular? Take some time to exercise the
kindness muscle with your children this month.

  • Do a kindness role play at dinner. Ask children to recall something that happened on the playground (whether it be something positive or negative.)  Act it out around the table and
    talk about opportunities to show kindness.
  • Reinforce the virtue of kindness by placing a reminder in a prominent location in your home. “In this home we strive to be kind,” or “Be kind to others.”
  • Have a “secret kindness week” where all family members do secret acts of kindness for each other without revealing who did what. At the end of the week, debrief about how it felt to be both the giver and receiver of kindness.
  • Learn gentle and kind parenting techniques. Not every parenting book advocates the type of parenting that leads to kindness and compassion towards ones children. Most of us could use a refresh in this area.
  • During daily check-in time, incorporate questions about kindness alongside questions about other aspects of the day. “Did you have an opportunity to show kindness today?”
  • Memory Verse: [and] be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ has forgiven you. Ephesians 4:32
  • Faith Practice Spotlight: Kindness Meditation – Think of three people in your life (they can be neighbors, friends, or strangers) and spend 30 seconds wishing them peace and wholeness.

© Traci Smith, Author  Used with permission.