224th General Assembly of the PC(USA)

Presbytery of Baltimore Hosts the 224th General Assembly

Our Presbytery of Baltimore is blessed to have been chosen by the Presbyterian Church (USA) to host the 2020 General Assembly. While an abundance of time, energy, and faithfulness were poured into bringing the GA to Baltimore, the pandemic has forced the denomination to hold this gathering remotely. Still, Baltimore Presbytery has been instrumental in organizing and facilitating the worship services and meetings that will form GA this year.

What eactly is the General Assembly? GA is the national gathering–held every other year–at which issues that face the whole of our denomination are discerned. It is comprised of pastor and elder representatives from all of our denomination’s presbyteries. In this way GA is representational of the local churches, while also offering an opportunity for evolution and growth within the whole of our denomination. Truly, GA keeps us both connected and reforming!

Please take some time to learn more about this integral part of our Church by exploring this year’s General Assembly. You can also: