Congregational Zoom Meeting

Congregational Meeting – July 12, 2020

Following the 10 a.m. remote Sunday worship.
Called for the election of new officers to the Session (the governing board of the church) Board of Deacons (the caregiving board of the church).

Session recognizes the oddity of conducting a congregational meeting remotely. But after studying the issue (and postponing the class transition one month due to the extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic), Session has discerned the need and ability to call this meeting, given the time it may be until the congregation is able to gather en masse.

  • The PC(USA) has clarified such meetings are appropriate amid the pandemic.
  • TPC will utilize the “webinar” feature via the Zoom videoconferencing app.
  • All those with internet access will be able to participate.
  • The interface is entirely free for users to access.
  • A tutorial will be offered in the coming weeks regarding registration and access to the Zoom meeting.