Back-to-school blessing for an unprecedented academic year

Beginning a new school year – at home, online or in the classroom. TPC child brings her backpack for Sunday Service blessing.

(September 8, 2020) During Sunday Service Rev. Joel Strom offered a blessing for teachers, students and families as they “return” to school – in person or online. Children “brought” their backpacks and devices to the service as the TPC wished all students, families and teachers a safe and happy school year.

Blessing for a safe, happy “return” to school 

Like any year, you may experience challenges, but know that God is with you through it all.

If you were able to gather something – your backpack, a device, a notebook – I invite you to hold them up right now and repeat after me as we offer a blessing over this year of school, and over you, your parents and your teachers.

Please repeat after me:

Dear God, thank you for opportunities to learn and grow, whether it be in a classroom, a virtual classroom, or at home.

Help us to open our hearts and minds – to new ideas, new leaders and new ways of learning.

When things do not go as planned…help us to be patient.

When we have technical difficulties…help us to give thanks for books, markers and crayons.

Bless our teachers…and their wisdom and love for learning.

Bless our parents and our parent teachers…and give them patience. Help them to laugh every day, and be flexible, and give them a whole lot of grace.

And bless us with a love of learning, wherever we are.