Expand your table and the love and grace of God

(Oct. 6, 2020) Food is central to your life and to your faith. In Sunday’s Sermon, Pastors Rob Carter and Joel Strom suggested three Food & Faith practices to explore. Or will you do all three of the following practices:
1) Preparing a “comfort meal” featuring a favorite dish of a friend or family member. During the meal, reflect on why this food brings you comfort.
2) Enjoying food from other cultures. Dedicate time to learning more about that cuisine’s culture.
3) Making food available to all experiencing food insecurity. Join TPC’s work with ACTC, Student Support Network and Mt. Calvary AME Church’s meal program.
Tell us which one are you pursuing? Post a photo or comment on how you will expand your table and the love and grace of God through food by posting on Facebook @Towsonpres.  Missed the Sermon, we got you covered. Watch it while you cook your comfort food! https://bit.ly/34IfArF