TPC Is Opening Up in Phase 3

Major Regathering Update

At their May meeting, Session approved a dramatic step in our Regathering Process.  


TPC has entered Phase 3, which entails no outdoor gathering restrictions at all, while opening up the church’s facility in significant ways for ministry and mission!


To review the Updated Regathering Report, click here.


The most significant evolution is that up to 50 worshippers (excluding worship leaders and volunteers) may register to worship in the sanctuary.


We ask that all those registering please note the following:

  1. Unless you are a Sunday morning worship leader or volunteer, please be sure that everyone in your party is registered, including children.
  2. Please arrive Sunday morning between 9:40 – 9:55 a.m.
  3. Please enter the facility through the main, sanctuary doors on Chesapeake Ave. unless you have a physical issue that requires use of the elevator.
  4. Please wear a mask.  If you forget one, a mask will provided for you.
  5. Please do not congregate or stand in the hall, narthex, or indoor area to chat or catch up with others.
    1. As wonderful as fellowship is, please connect with others outside after the service.
  6. Please be prepared for the sanctuary to look and feel different than it did prior to the pandemic.
    1. Until a major sanctuary audio-visual project is completed this summer, the equipment used to livestream the worship sits in the front and center of the sanctuary.
    2. Videos that are displayed in the service via the livestream will not be viewable within the sanctuary (this will change upon the completion of the a/v project).
    3. Please expect worship leaders to speak to the camera as much as they look towards those gathered in-person.
  7. Singing into masks is permitted.
  8. Bathrooms may be used one person at a time.
  9. As we do not know how many desire indoor worship at this time, we ask that each family unit only register for every other week


To register for to worship inside the sanctuary for the 10 a.m. service on June 6, please click here.