Retreat in Daily Life

A spiritual retreat for busy people!

Please register to meet with a spiritual director for 30min/day during the first week of Lent (along with an opening and closing ceremony). ASF is thrilled to collaborate with Annam Cara for this fantastic opportunity…


Title: “Retreat in Daily Life” – Spiritual Direction with Anam Care During the First Week of Lent

Date and Time: One hour a day from Monday to Friday, March 6-12, 2022

Description: Who is Spiritual Direction for? Anam Cara in Colorado answers that question in this way: “Truly, anyone and everyone. It is for those who long for more intimacy with God, for those who have been trying harder and harder and are tired of the guilt cycle and want to get off. It is for those who have a life transition to discern or a decision in front of them that needs wisdom. It is for those who don’t know how to pray, or feel lost in prayer. It is for those who have walked faithfully with God for years, and just want to go deeper. It is for those who feel distant from God, but want to be closer. It is for those who need to find a way to forgive. It is for those who want to learn meditation. It is for those who long to hear from God. In short, it is for you.”


From Monday to Friday during the first week of Lent, you are invited to spend 30 minutes by yourself in directed prayer and then meet with your spiritual director for 30 minutes during one of three flexible time slots.


How do I register? Go to (click here) and click on the Online button at the bottom of the page. While the cost for Retreat in Daily Life is $80, TPC’s Adult Spiritual Formation Committee has underwritten it by $40 in hopes of making it more affordable. When registering use this code for a 50% discount: RDLTOWSON. If you would like additional financial assistance please contact Pastor Joel at


Finally, you will be asked to attend an online Orientation (Sunday, March 6 from 2-4 p.m.) and Closing Celebration (Saturday, March 12 from 2-4 p.m.).