Headshot of Rob Carter, Senior Pastor of Towson Presbyterian Church.

Rob Carter

Pastor, Senior

Rob’s a Jersey boy.  It’s where he grew up, attended college (TCNJ), and went to graduate school (Princeton Theological Seminary).  It’s where he met his wife and began raising their family.  It’s where he previously served two churches, first in Trenton and later East Brunswick.  Almost all of his extended family is still there.

So it was a big move when Rob and his family came to Towson in January, 2017.  But he came to TPC upon sensing how his great passions and TPC’s future were aligning.  To be clear, Rob’s absolutely passionate about spreading the love of God—helping each and all, regardless of condition or circumstance, uncover the depth of love God has for them.  While his home has always been within “traditional” worship, he’s also passionate about helping the church evolve to better serve a rapidly changing world, with rapidly evolving pains and problems the church is called to address.  

Interests & Hobbies – He’s unabashed about his wife and three kids—they’re his greatest joys.  Beyond that, Rob’s a brazen Philadelphia sports fan who loves to laugh, listen to and play music, and if you buy him a good bottle of bourbon he’ll be your buddy for life!

Interesting Tidbit – If there was such a thing, he could be a professional clapper.  Seriously, this guy can clap louder than what seems humanly possible. It’s both amazing and annoying.