Family Faith Formation

At Towson Presbyterian Church

Families grow in faith best by growing together. While we deeply value our Church School program, we also recognize that children and parents need to explore and practice faith together at home. At TPC, we want to equip parents to be the leaders in their family's spiritual formation.

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Fourth Soil Parenting Project

We are excited to announce that TPC will be participating in the Fourth Soil Parenting Project, a diverse learning cohort with roughly 20 other congregations, led by Vibrant Faith. This is a three-year program, guided by a coach, with the goal of learning, implementing, and experimenting with new ways of family faith formation within our congregation.

Parents Night Out

On a quarterly basis, TPC offers childcare while parents are invited to gather for a meal and activity out or at a church members' home.

Intergenerational Garden

Children are more likely to maintain their faith into adulthood when strong intergenerational relationships connect them to the Church from a young age. The Intergenerational Garden (IGG) is an opportunity for children, parents, and people of every age, to come together to weed, water, harvest, and hangout–all while making a positive impact in our local community.

Old man and young boy working together in a garden.
Four adults and three children smiling for a group photo

Practicing a Spiritual Practice: Family Edition

Several times a year, the Rev. Joel Strom offers a virtual gathering where families are shown a child-friendly spiritual practice, and then send off to try their hand at it together. We meet back 15mins later to debrief the experience.

Upcoming Children, Family, and Youth Events