Upcoming Services

Holy Week Services

  • Maundy Thursday - April 18 @ 7 p.m. in Sanctuary - We celebrate communion on this anniversary of Christ’s last supper with his disciples.  Amid the Tenebrae (A Service of Shadows), the symbolism of light plays a central role as we progress through Christ’s journey to the cross.
  • Good Friday – April 19 @ 12:00 noon in Chapel – This Taize-styled worship offers time for prayerful reflection and meditative song, as we reflect on the depth and meaning of Christ’s death for us.

April 21 – Easter

  • We gather this morning in  the glorious glow of resurrection, celebrating two identical services at 9:00 & 11:00 a.m.   Services will be accompanied by an orchestral ensemble. Childcare for infants to 5 years old is available in Noah's Nursery.

April 28 – Earth Sunday

  • On the heals of hearing news of Jesus’ resurrection, the disciples encounter the resurrected Jesus for the first time in John 20.  “Peace be with you,” Jesus said, as he began preparing them for their work and ministry without him—a work and ministry we see come to life in Acts 5.
  • Following worship, all are invited to help tend to TPC’s building and grounds amid Blue Jean Sunday—a day in which many hands do so much  important work!

May 5 – Lessons from the Early Church—Part 1:  The Danger of Certainty

  • This morning, Pastor Rob begins a four-part sermon series on the early church, as we explore the book of Acts together.  In Acts 9: 1-6, we learn of the conversion of Saul—a great persecutor of the early church.  Doubt and faith go hand-in-hand.  Certainty can be much more dangerous.

May 12 – Gifts of Women Sunday

  • At TPC, we celebrate Mother’s Day in recognition of the precious gifts of all women, as women lead this morning’s service entirely.

May 19 - Lessons from the Early Church—Part 2:  Reaching Farther for Inclusivity

  • In Acts 11, Peter is initially criticized by some within the “in” crowd for eating and hanging out with those in the “out” crowd.  At issue was a Hebrew law that said circumcised men shouldn’t eat with uncircumcised men.  But as Peter described his vision and the faith he saw in those he previously believed to be beyond the reach, the criticism changed and the dividing wall began to crumble.

May 26 – Lessons from the Early Church—Part 3:  We can’t do this by ourselves!

  • As we see in Acts 16: 9-15, God uses those both inside and outside the church to fulfill Christ’s mission in and through the church.

June 2 – Lessons from the Early Church—Part 4:  Modeling Matters!

  • In Acts 16: 16-34 and John 17: 20-26, we see that that we we treat each other has incredible consequences.  We can treat each other well and model love, or we can treat each other poorly and model a way of dissonance, pride, and greed.  People see the way we act.  Our children see it.  And it shapes the way they act.

June 9 – Pentecost

  • This morning we celebrate God’s in-breaking into the world again.  This time not in one incarnate person, but in each and every one filled with the Spirit!

June 16 – Gifts of Men Sunday & Trinity Sunday

  • On Father’s Day, we celebrate not only our father’s, but the gifts of all men who make such a difference in our lives.