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Upcoming Services

Oct. 20  ||  The Possibility Business - Part 1:  "The Point of Prayer"

  • We kick off a 3-week sermon series regarding the inherent possibilities built into the life of discipleship, beginning with... Prayer
  • What's the point of prayer?
    • Is prayer designed to get God to do what we want?
    • Or is prayer better designed for God to move and shape us?

Oct. 27  ||  The Possibility Business - Part 2:  "What Are We Looking For?"

  • People of resurrection are, inherently, a people of possibility.
  • But do we expect it?  Do we ever look for it?

Nov. 3  ||  The Possibility Business - Part 3:  "What Generosity Can Do!"

  • In Luke 19: 1-10, we get a picture of what can happen when we invest ourselves in the well-being of others.

Nov. 10  ||  "We Make the Road By Walking"

  • We dip back into the book that all of TPC is invited to explore this year:  We Make the Road By Walking by Brian McLaren.

Nov. 17  ||  "The Ideal Community"

  • In 2 Thessalonians 3, Paul paints a picture of the ideal community.  It's comprised of mutuality and reciprocity; all do some but no one does too much; all have enough and no one has more than they need.

Nov. 24  ||  "Living in the Reign of Christ"

  • Christ the King Sunday  ||  Thanksgiving Weekend
  • It's a celebration full of irony, as we celebrate how our "King of Love" was killed because he loved those the world would not.

Dec. 1  ||  "Living with a Long View"

  • First Sunday of Advent - Hope
  • Advent arrives again (as it does every year at this time),   reminding us that while the world is not yet what it should be, we are called to look with a long view towards the community God continues to create.

Dec. 8  ||  "Advent Repentance"

  • Second Sunday of Advent - Love
  • In Isaiah 11 and Matthew 3, we hear Advent's prophets calling people to "repent."
  • While many view repentance as a call to stop doing something bad or wrong, Advent's call to repent has little to do with stopping bad behaviors, and everything to do with starting good ones!

Dec. 15  ||  Special Service:  Advent Cantata

  • Third Sunday of Advent - Joy
  • One worship service at 10:00 a.m. in Sanctuary
  • The Chancel Choir and musical ensemble bless worshippers this morning with a special Advent Cantata.

Dec. 22  ||  The Difference of One

  • Fourth Sunday of Advent - Peace
  • In Matthew 1, Gospel readers see the radical way God entered into our world, and the difference even one person can have in ushering in the kingdom of God.

Dec. 24  ||  Christmas Eve Worship Services

  • 4:00 p.m. || Family Service
    • Children and adults tell the story of Christ's coming through Gospel lessons sung and acted out.
    • This is a fun, festive service filled with the excited wiggles and giggles of children and the sounds of Christmas glory!
  • 7:00 p.m. & 10:00 p.m. ||  Services of Lessons & Carols
    • These beautiful, candlelit services are filled with Scripture lessons, choir anthems, and rich Christmas carols that all combine to retell the majestic story of the Christ child’s birth.

Dec. 29  ||  Adaptation of Moravian Lovefeast

  • One service at 10 a.m. in Thompson Hall
  • We celebrate the joyful news of Christ's coming through a special service in which worshippers sing Christmas Carols and join in prayers while sipping warm drinks (cocoa, coffee, tea) and munching on sweets and pastries.
  • All are encouraged to dress casually (and children are welcome to wear pajamas if desired).