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  • As this Sunday marks the start of a brand-new programmatic year of mission and ministry, will look back at the past year of ministry (and all the joys, surprises, and struggles along the way), and then look ahead to what promises to be a remarkable year of mission and ministry--pandemic or no pandemic!

Sept. 20  ||  Animate Practices - Community

  • What does it mean for Christians to live in "community?  What does community require of the Christian?  Why does it take practice?

Sept. 27  ||  Animate Practices - Prayer

  • Prayer is a lot of things:  a blessing; a burden; a comfort; a challenge; a telling; a pleading.  Ultimately, however, prayer is a language that requires practice.

Oct. 4  ||  Animate Practices - Food

  • World Communion Sunday
  • Food plays many roles throughout Scripture and in our own lives.  It is necessary nourishment for life, but also a joyful center around which culture and relationships grow.  To this with abundance, food is value laden, while those without approach food as an essential commodity.
  • Scripture also shows that food is a means of communion we are called to share without judgment and without exclusion.  Approaching food in such a way takes quite a bit of practice.

Oct. 11  ||  Animate Practices - Worship

  • What is worship?  Is it somethings we can only do in a church or is something we can do wherever we might find ourselves?
  • Is worship meant to boring (if not, why do so many find it so boring)?  Inspiring?  Or is worship intended to do something else entirely?

Oct. 18  ||  Animate Practices - Sharing

  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ is clear:  disciples are called to share.  Sharing is a stable for the Christian way of life, and yet Christians are increasingly counted among the least generous in our approach to those not similar to oursleves?  Clearly, learning to share (and uncovering its blessings) takes practice.

Oct. 25  ||  Animate Practices - Service

  • What does it mean to serve God?  Does it require sacrifice?  Or is it more of a perspective by which we live?  Either way, faith has shown us that service, while a rich blessing, takes practice.

Nov. 1  ||  Animate Practices - Sacraments

  • Our Reformed tradition acknowledges two sacraments as commanded by Christ:  communion and baptism.  But what are the sacraments?  Magical moments whereby those unloved by God suddenly become loved by God?  No!  Sacraments are much more encompassing than a mere moment.  It takes practice to live out our sacramental identities.

Nov. 8  ||  Christianity & Patriotism:  Part 1

  • Following on the heels of the Nov. 3 election, our nation will have elected a president (and other federal and local leaders) to service for the next for years.  How are Christians called to respond to their governmental leaders?  What is the relationship between one's faith and one's government?

Nov. 15  ||  Christianity & Patriotism:  Part 2

  • Many view Christianity and patriotism hand-in-hand:  to be one means to be the other.  Indeed, there are many overlapping similarities found in the ideals of our faith and the ideals of patriotism.  But there are also extraordinary dangers found in connecting the two together.  This morning, we will explore the blessings and the dangers found in the relationship between Christianity and patriotism.

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