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Two Campuses - One Community

Towson Presbyterian Church is one community that endeavors faith amid two campuses.

Our In-Person Campus, located at 400 W. Chesapeake in Towson, MD, is where we gather (obviously) in-person to worship, serve, fellowship, and grow in faith together.  So it's the spot where worship is held and choirs rehearse, and is also where small groups may meet, children and youth gather for church school and youth group, mission teams pack or serve meals to the food insecure or pack and prepare for mission trips, and so much more.

But we have learned an incredibly important lesson across the past two years.  Virtual community is vital and important.  This is why TPC is excited and proud to offer a full and vital Virtual Campus.  Intimately related to our in-person campus, it offers pathways to participate in the life of our church's ministries remotely.  This includes worship that is livestreamed (and saved) every Sunday, as well as virtual-only church school classes, small groups, mission action teams, spiritual formation offerings, and so much more!  Livestreams can be found on our website and social sites (YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram, all @TowsonPres), while our virtual groups gather via video-conferencing (e.g. Zoom).  If you would like to participate in any virtual service or event but need help accessing them, please contact the church office who is happy to assist.

While some prefer to participate only within the more traditional in-person campus, others prefer the accessibility of the Virtual Campus.  Additionally, all are welcome to move between the campuses however is desired.

To learn more about our Virtual Campus (and upcoming events, services, and groups), please click here.

To learn more about our In-Person Campus (and upcoming events, services, and groups), please click here.

Know you are welcome in-person or remotely, just as you are!