Alternative Gift Market

Come to the Alternative Gift Market 2022

TPC’s Mission Committee invites you to shop at the Alternative Gift Market (AGM) in Thompson Hall Sunday, December 4th from 9:30 a.m until 12:30 p.m.

Please use this opportunity to reach out to people in need, send messages of joy and love to those dear to you, and keep Jesus in Christmas.

Gifts are donations…OR coffees, teas & chocolates for purchase grown by people who rely on these nonprofits to get their products out to people like you. We will be on hand to describe the many hope filled programs which your gifts will support.

We accept Cash, Checks or VISA/MC or via a QR code! All kinds of hands are needed to carry out God’s Mission: Hands that are Large or Small, Gentle or Strong, Mechanical or Creative, Old or Young… Your Hands!

If you decide to purchase an item please return this AGM Form 2022 to Patty O’brien by December 12th or you can bring it with you to the card table in Thompson Hall.  Please mark any items that you’ve purchased and she will give you a  Christmas card indicating your gift.

You can then gift this card to the person you gave the gift in honor of this Christmas.

Christmas Blessings