Faith at Home

As we strive to grow disciples of Jesus Christ, we understand that growth not only happens in the church, but at home as well.  Below are some accessible resources to help you (and your family) grow your faith at home.

Faith at Home for Families

Families are called to explore faith together.  

TPC’s “Family Faith Formation” resources and activities help bring a family together spiritually, but in the convenience of your own home on your own schedule.  Foundational to faith formation in the home is Scripture reading.  For children, TPC staff recommends Growing In God's Love - A Story Bible.  Also, take time to explore programs at church for parents to learn and grow in prayer, Bible story reading, and creating a spiritual discipline within the home.

PBS Kids for Parents - How to talk to you kids about the Coronavirus.

Pandemic Hope - A family Devotional for Life During Covid-19

The Parent Cue - Managing fear and anxiety during a health pandemic.