Headshot of Jenness Hall, Director of Children & Family Ministries at Towson Presbyterian Church.

Jenness Hall

Director of Children, Youth, & Family Ministries

Jenness worked in colleges and universities for more than 20 years in Student Affairs, Academic Affairs & teaching before becoming a certified executive coach with a successful coaching/consulting business for 15 years.  We’re grateful she gradually felt God’s persistent call to church ministry and, specifically, to children and family ministry here at TPC.

As the proud mother of two amazing daughters, Jenness is also a research geek with a deep love of history & literature. A true introvert who does extrovert really well until it’s time to go home, she likes to read a book to get recharged.

Interests & Hobbies – A woman of many interests, Jenness enjoys singing, cooking, reading, traveling, spending time with her daughters, and going as far on the Sunday NYTimes crossword puzzle as she can possibly get (which is never as far as she’d like).

Interesting Tidbit – Her most harrowing moment was spent along the Missouri River in a boat that ran into a submerged log.  There were 8 others on board. One couldn’t swim. One was 6 months pregnant. One was her 60+ year old mother-in-law. Once everyone made it safely to a small sandbar, she walked/dog-paddled/climbed five miles in the dark to get help, which came in the form of a helicopter rescue for the others. Unforgettable.