TPC is In Pursuit of a Bold New Vision

In Pursuit of a Bold New Vision


In 2018, Session presented a Visioning Plan that called for four new initiatives:  adult spiritual formation, evangelism, family ministry, and communications.

TPC was blessed with tremendous momentum and growth as we lived into these new foci of ministry, but the pandemic seemed to bring that all to a halt 15 months ago.  Or so that was expected.

But rather than losing our way, thanks to the tremendous community of faith that is Towson Presbyterian Church, and the presence of the power of the Holy Spirit in our midst, TPC has been blessed not to simply survive amid the pandemic, but thrive in new ways.

Along the way, Session has studied and learned quite a bit about our church community, and excitedly offers this preliminary report of an exciting call to pursue a bold new vision that entails investing in virtual community, staffing for growth, and more!