Mission & Values

Towson Presbyterian Church strives to grow disciples of Jesus Christ.  But we share up front we don’t have this down pat.  So we strive to do away with facades and pretenses in order to get our hands dirty practicing this thing called “faith.”

As we do, we find ourselves growing closer to God and closer to others.  This growth is  a natural part of living in relationship with God, but it's also an inherent part of our church.  This is seen in what we value:  inclusivity; curiosity; compassion; courage.

What We Believe

Towson Presbyterian Church is part of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  In many ways, our tradition is like a big umbrella offering lots of room for lots of perspectives.  Not everybody agrees on everything, and that’s just fine—we value diversity!  Yet our Reformed tradition does hold certain beliefs dear. 


TPC is blessed with a great staff that loves what they do and the people they get to serve with.  It’s obvious how much they care, and how much fun they have together.

How We're Structured

We’re not fans of hierarchy.  We value community and connectedness!

Bee Tree

BeeTree Preserve is 263 beautiful acres of forests, fields, streams and wetlands located 25 miles north of Towson in Parkland, MD. Named for Beetree Run, a trout stream that meanders through the property, BeeTree Preserve's natural beauty and resources have welcomed visitors and inhabitants—both animal and human—for hundreds of years.