Children aren’t merely the church’s future, they’re a vital part of the church today!  TPC takes great care and pride in offering meaningful and impactful opportunities for children to explore the depths of God’s love for them, and how they are part of God’s love story with the world.  Our programs are designed to nurture children in their faith as they grow in relationship with God, and to provide a safe and celebratory environment in which to learn story of God’s love in Scripture.


Our youth ministry at TPC is for middle and high school teens to explore the life-changing and life-long journey of faith. We believe faith grows and lives in a myriad of places – at home within a family, on their own, and within a community of faith – and our youth ministry encourages all three of those components. Our hope is for teens to know they are loved and accepted by God, and that God is calling them to go out and show the world what God’s love looks like.


At TPC our Adult Spiritual Formation program is designed to offer everyone—regardless of where you are on your own spiritual journey—a chance to begin exploring your faith more intentionally.


Families grow in faith best by growing together. While we deeply value our church school program, we also recognize that children and parents need to explore and practice faith together.  So we offer programs designed to equip parents to be the leaders in their family’s spiritual formation. Click here to explore TPC’s “Family Faith Formation” activities that bring a family together spiritually, but in the convenience of your own home on your own schedule. Also, take time to explore programs at church for parents to learn and grow in prayer, Bible story reading, and creating a spiritual discipline within the home.

Faith at Home

Towson Presbyterian Church strives to grow disciples of Jesus Christ. But we understand that growth happens in church, and at home. There’s always more we can be doing to know God and live love better.Below are some resources to help you grow your faith at home.